Union Sustainable Development Goals

  • sustainable development goals

As a part of CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) action, we are proceeding SDGs.

Our main targets are following 7 goals during 17 goals UN proposed.

  • Target3
    Good health and well-being
  • Target4
    Quality education
  • Target6
    Clean water and sanitation
  • Target7
    Affordable and clean energy
  • Target8
    Decent work and economic growth
  • Target12
    Resposible Consumption and production
  • Target13
    Climate action

Concrete approach for the next ten years

1.Good health and safety working/Health management

  • Health management and disclosing the financial condition
  • Contributing a part of sales profit to UNICEF.
  • Controlling long working hours, such as overtime work,holiday work and so forth
  • Preparing rest facilities such as refreshment accommodation,leisure facilities, as a part of healthy working
  • Doing enough mental health care for the employees
  • Good health and well-being
  • Decent work and economic growth

2.Training and opportunity of studying

  • Doing in-house seminar and having the opportunity to participate seminar out of office
  • Introducing mentor system
  • Quality education
  • Decent work and economic growth

3.Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties

  • Retaining quality control systems based upon ISO9001
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Resposible Consumption and production

4.The environmental management

Freon collection scene based upon ISO14001
  • Retaining environmental management system based upon ISO14001
  • Preparing environmental report/CSR report on our web site
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Affordable and clean energy
  • Resposible Consumption and production
  • Climate action