Main business

Business Information

Our sales items are scientific equipment, medical equipment, electrical device and plant facilities.
We are able to choose and supply very best equipment from the manufacturers' more than 200 with our engineering.

  • General Equipment
  • Analytical Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Lab.Facility,Lab.Funiture
  • Bio Product
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Process Measurement
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Plant Facility
  • Engineering Product
  • Electronic Measuring Instrument
  • Glassware & Miscellaneous
  • Import & Export
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Engineering and after-sales service


We have not only sales department but also engineering and after-sales service department.
Our specific know-how assures complete customers' satisfaction from all the stages such as survey, basic design, detailed design, equipment supply, installation, test run, after-sales service and so forth.

  • Maintenance, Reparing, and Trouble shutting.
  • Installation, setting up and working check of Equipment.
  • On-call Service ; customer's service by phone call.