CSR principal

We have responsibility for the influence that our own organization activity gives to the society and carry out liability to pay taxes based upon legal compliance and we strive to enhance our corporate governance in order to respond to the expectation of our stakeholders (1) by improving corporate value.

1@@Needs and Expectation of Stakeholder
We show stakeholder's needs and expectation on the following table and we watch and review it as of self-evaluation once a year on November in accordance with manager's meeting.

Stakeholder Needs Expectation Related Law Action Remarks Evaluation on Oct
Whole society Liability of tax payment Applicable use Tax law Secure of profit    5
  Reduction of profit  Contribution, etc   Red Cross, UNICEF, etc4    4
Client/ Supplier Supply of applicable product of environment   RoHS law Previous confirmation for Mfg. ISO14001  5
  Supply of applicable product of regulation Source of Product materials Regulation of harmful materials Supply of Green product ISO14001  5
    Environmental reduction product, CFC-free refrigerator Ozone layer protection law Supply of CFC-free refrigerator ISO14001  5
    Environmental reduction product, Applicable fume hood Pollution control law Supply of Applicable fume hood ISO14001  5
    Environmental reduction product, Industrial pH meter Waste water control law Supply of Industrial pH meter ISO14001  5
BCP Supply chain Risk management,such as disaster, accident and so forth Continuity supply for client   Supplied by other buranch office   4
Employee Appropriate use of financial resources Traffic accident In-house rule Smart advanced vehicle in safety   4
    Disease In-house rule Medical Check / Working holiday   5
    Environmental protection for exhaust gas of vehicle ISO14001 Law pollution & good fuel consumption vehicle ISO14001 5
    Consumption of papers ISO14001 PC(Paperless)& reused paper ISO14001  5
    Consumption of Electricity, Gas, Water ISO14001 In-house rule based on ISO14001 ISO14001  5
  In-house communication Trouble of inside & outside the company   In-house consultation window   4
  Opportunity of education & training Communization of knowledge   In-house seminar, etc.  
  In-house communication based upon ISO9001 Quality management ISO9001 Based on ISO9001 manual ISO9001 5
Self-Government complying with requirements of a law and other regulations Traffic offence Traffic law In-house seminar, etc.  
    Over work   setting up max. overwork time : 85hr   5
    Fire Fire protection law In-house seminar, etc.   4
    Earthquake/ flood   Information from self-government   5
Neighbor Appropriate information Trouble   Appropriate communication   4
  To keep good environmental condition     Preparation of infrastructure ISO14001  5